Who Uses ATLess?

Buyers who seek products and services at a discounted rate, who have access to internet using a computer or smart phone.

More and more people are actively seeking better offers and discounts available to them.

They search through the deals based on what they need and their location, or simply browse through the latest offers.

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Managing My Deals?

You can simply add your deal details directly within a minute. Optionally you can rely on our client support service to do it for you.

Deals can be modified or removed at any time without any obilgations.

You can have as many deals advertised at the same time.

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Finding My Deals?

Tools are available to buyers to search for specific words, type of product or services, or search based on locations.

The information about your deals, will be available for users to view along with your contact details.

Customers can directly be in touch with you for further enquiries or to make payments.

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Discounted Deals

More and more businesses feature deals, to attract and promote to local customers using social media and word of mouth. The speed in which this form of advertising travels, the flexibility and dynamic of it, and the amount of information that can be provided to customers, has taken advertising to a whole new level.

ATLess offers a very effective method, for you as a business owner or operator, to expose your product and services to large number of local customers who are connected via social media and targeted mailing lists.

ATLess is the place you can easily register your details and start adding discounted deals within a minute. You can modify or remove your advertised deals at any given time, on your own and without any obligations or term agreements forced upon you.

You have full control while you can rely on our support team.



Our Difference

Our method of service is different from other online discount sites.
We do not sell coupons to buyers. We simply put them in direct contact with you.

We do not take any percentage of transactions and we do not handle the money that belongs to you. We do not tie you to any terms or length of time for advertising a deal.

We understand that the situation can change and you need the flexibility to modify your deals. We give you full control to manage your deals. Fast, flexible and effective.

How to Start with ATLess

You need to register your details with us. Business name, contacts, e.mail and web address, the type of service or product you are providing, your location in terms of city and suburb, or optionally your trading address.

Once this is done, we provide you with a user name and password combination, which you can use to log in to ATLess and add your discounted deals. You provide a few details for your deal, it's title, expiry date, the location that it's targeted to, it's original price and the offered discounted price, any required note and descriptions and an accompanying effective picture.

All this can be done under a minute. After running a quick review check by our support team, your deal will be available to public.

You can have a number of deals available. You can modify deal details anytime you wish. You can extend it or completely remove it without breaking any obligations.

All this can be done by you within a minute. Of course our team is on stand by to provide you with any help you might need.